Chanukah 4th night

We have had a fun filled week with lots of Chanukah parties!  Your favorite has been the gelt for sure, doesn’t matter which kinds, milk or dark chocolate, you are a fan of both.  We have lit candles each night and you have been doing it all BY YOURSELF! Your favorite gift thus far has been the purse and the ribbon scepter that Grammy gave you.  More fun tomorrow as we head off to two parties.  What fun it has been this year!


Decorating for Chanukah

Tonight we started decorating for Chanukah.  You put up your menorahs that you had found from last year and finished off some color pages that you had done from a tot shabbat that we had gone to.  When you colored last year, you just scribbled and used two colors.  What a difference this year!  You colored the boarders so thoughtfully! Repeating colors and patterns.  So cool!

You got me out of my shell tonight, Z.  You have been so excited about christmas lights.  You love the colors and the decorations.  So… we put some up in our house. I would have never done this if it weren’t without your push.  You have no bias.  In know way do you judge christmas decorations if they are good or bad, or pretty or too much.  To you, putting up lights is festive and bright.  Exactly what Chanukah is about!  Thank you for getting me out of my judgey shell.

You got so excited about decorating you wanted to use your halloween jelly bracelets to decorate for chanukah.  So, we taped them your book shelf.  It was fun to see you so into it!

And finally, we made noodle soup tonight and we had fun giving you dinner a haircut and slurping noodles and sucking them so hard that we shook!